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ABA - American Business Associates - Business Networking

ABA is New York Metro’s premier business development and networking association dedicated to helping small to mid-sized businesses dramatically increase sales by providing dynamic business connections and superior resources. ABA has been in operation since 1988. ABA is the longest running professionally managed group in the metro New York area for B2B Networking.

Exclusive Membership

ABA is made up of owners, senior managers, and senior sales executives of small to medium size businesses operating in the New York Metro area marketplace. All members of ABA have mature books of business. There are no start-ups in ABA, and approximately 40% of our members have been with us for more than ten years!

Unique Meeting Format

ABA is comprised of distinct councils (i.e. networking groups) of approximately 30 members each that meet every other week. Each group within the association is exclusive in that there is only one of any particular business or profession represented, and each member is a decision maker in their own right. During these networking meetings the science, art and practice of networking is taught by our facilitators.

Dynamic Facilitation & Leadership

Each group is led by an experienced facilitator. These experts apply the philosophy and techniques ABA has exclusively developed in the areas of networking and business development. The group facilitator acts as an accountability coach, and is always available to his or her council members and helps them leverage the group to grow their business.

The essence and foundation of the ABA technique is to build rapport and trust between members for the purpose of leveraging each other’s contacts and connections, and for the further purpose of expanding each of their businesses. The ABA atmosphere and technique is by nature entrepreneurial. It is not bureaucratic or corporate.

Sign up to be a guest at one of our networking groups and come see how you can create a constant flow of qualified prospects by leveraging your social capital in a supportive and productive environment.


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